Domestic Services

We have been doing domestic work for years and our insurance backed guarantees have always been popular with our customers; our basement conversion insurance is backed by a 10 year guarantee, whereas our wall ties flash structural repair and timber treatments insurance are both backed by a 20 year guarantee.

The following are the domestic services we can provide for you:

  • Damp surveys
    • We can carry out a thorough and detailed analysis of your property to see what the extent of damp is in your home. A false diagnosis can cost you hundreds, so we use only the most experienced and professional surveyors in our team to carry this out. Essential for those moving into a new home.
  • Timber treatments
    • We can perform treatments on timber to repair and extend the life of them. When used for framework, trusses and joints then natural elements such as fungi and various insects can be responsible for the deterioration, while external timber is often affected by the weather. Timber can be an integral part of a home’s structure, so it is vital they are in constant good condition. Essential for those in a timber-reliant home.
  • Damp proofing
    • We can perform damp proofing to create a healthier and more valuable home. While there are several different types (rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, etc), each can either be unsightly at best or a threat to life at worst and each should be eradicated as soon as possible. Essential for older homes.
  • Basement conversions in Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire
    • We can convert basements across Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire. Basements often go under utilised and are used as a glorified cupboard, but they have so much potential. No matter how damp or dirty the current condition is, we can completely rebuild and redecorate it to help transform your home for a small fee. Essential for those needing more space.
  • Garage conversions
    • We can convert garages across Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire. Underutilised garages are one of the biggest tragedies of British homes as they represent so many opportunities that often go wasted. Simply because you don’t spend as much time in their as other rooms doesn’t mean that they should be left cluttered and dirty, and we can transform them into a space you might actually want to spend time in. Essential for those with cars.
  • Loft conversions
    • We can convert lofts across Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire. Studies show that loft conversions can add a large amount of money to a property’s value (up to a 20% increase in some cases) so whether you’re planning on staying for a short time or a long time, a converted loft is a great use of time and money. Essential for home owners.
  • Condensation Control
    • If you are experiencing problems with Condensation within your home our expert services can help put you back in control.
  • Roofing & Green Roofs
    • At Cemplast we offer a high quality, professional roofing service including Green Roofs, Pitched roofs, lead work, slate roofing and roofing repairs
  • Cavity Wall Ties
    • If you have problems with damp caused by cavity wall ties we can help with our Cavity Wall Ties service.

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