Garage Conversions

Garages can too easily become a graveyard of unused tools and toys, and because a messy garage just doesn’t feel as bad as a chaotic front room or bed room – people don’t seem to care. The truth is that, while they make perfectly fine dumping grounds, a garage is a genuinely great addition to any home and the fact that they so often go underutilised is one of the biggest tragedies of British homes. This is especially true if it’s damp or structural damage that’s holding you back. If this sounds familiar, then you’re already on the right website.

Do you need planning permission?

No, planning permission is not necessary, as long as the work doesn’t involve changing the structure of the building. The fact that you are working with an existing structure (as opposed to building an entire extension) means that these building costs will also be kept to a minimum; saving as much as £5,000 compared to other conversions!

What about damp-proofing and insulation?

Whether or not a concrete floor has been cast over a DPM (damp-proof membrane) will have a considerable effect on how safe your garage will be from damp. If it has been, then the concrete floor should be protected and minimum effort should be required to keep your floors protected from damp. However, if DPC has not been used, then extra care will be required. If this is the case, then you can contact us for more information as we’re happy to answer any questions you have completely free of charge. In terms of Insulating garages, this can be difficult as typically there are a lot of air gaps and insulating the space to the highest R-value possible will be difficult. Targeting all the cracks and holes that let in daylight with a low-expanding spray foam would be a good step, but completely insulating the place would require a professional’s touch.

What can I do with a garage?

If you have a car, then parking it inside is probably going to be your number one priority with your garage. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be as nice as the rest of your home; if you wouldn’t have your front room damp and dirty then why keep your garage like that? If you’re having a visitor arrive by car, the second impression they get of your home could be the garage, so it really is a vital element of the wow factor every home wants. If you don’t have a car, then lucky you – there’s a car-sized free space that you can do anything with now. We’ve seen people change them into an office, a bedroom, a cinema room, a gym; if you have a double garage then you can have your cake and eat it too, with one half used to park your car and one half used for everything else.

Okay, I want to convert my garage. What now?

“A job done right is a job done once” is the secret mantra of our company, demonstrating the attention and focus we put into our work so it doesn’t need redoing again and again; which you don’t want and we don’t want. The truth is that if a garage conversion is done poorly, you’ll waste time, money and energy. Just like how we only buy quality stock to help us deliver the best work, we would always recommend experienced professionals for conversions like this. As a qualified and insured team of builders and specialists, we provide quality renovation services for a price that’s only ever fair. Contact us to find out for yourself.